Dunlop Z1 Star Spec 245/40-17 (Evo 09/2014-11/2015)

These tires were leftover tires on the OEM wheels that came with the Evo when I bought it. True to form, they were still pretty grippy, though dated, and had a lot of tread. Compared to modern, fresh tires, they probably give up 1s on any decent sized course. Just trying to finish these off so I can get new tires for the Evo in 2016. They served me through the end, though eventually during the last few events I had been on the wear bars, especially after the PDX. There was a rumor that the Z1ss changed compounds midway through it’s life cycle – whether that is true, or they just started heat cycling badly, sure enough when I got around halfway through the grip fell off tremendously. I’m glad they lastest through the end of 2015 though, so I didn’t have to get new tires this year. Put about 6k miles on them,136 autox runs, and 3 20min track sessions.

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