Stl Solo 10252015 (Mini)

Slow in getting this out – had our annual year end fun event for Stl Solo – decided to put an interesting spin on things this year – we’d run the course forwards in the morning, then backwards in the afternoon! Per the “fun” event, we’d measure by our 2nd run – no matter how many cones or not – but all anyone cared about was the fast times anyway.

I don’t know if it was the PDX or what, but it was by far the best event I’ve ever had in the Mini. I was 5th in index after the morning sessions, and must have done similar in the afternoon as I finished 5th overall in index! My first Top 10 finish at StlSolo this year, and first Top 5 finish probably ever. Yes, there were less attendants at this event, but regardless – my time behind first indicated it was the best I’ve ever done.

For the first time ever, I beat both Dan and Kia. I think one of them would have had me by a couple of tenths on a fast run if it were clean, but couldn’t string together a clean one. My fast time in the morning was 53.469. My fast time in the afternoon was 56.489. Dan was a total of 1.3s behind, and Tyler 1.7 or so. Kia would have only been a half second behind me had he kept his morning run clean, but regardless – amazing results, and a real confidence booster.

Overall, I’m pushing the car harder – staying on the gas longer due to looking further ahead. My slaloms, which had been weak all year long, finally started coming together. Again though, the biggest key is I started looking 2 gates ahead, rather than just one gate ahead – which can barely be considered looking ahead. It’s really helping me string the course together, stay on the gas longer, plan more accordingly. The car’s balance actually feels pretty great, so no need for me to adjust the bumpstops yet – I’ll see how the car feels after RE71Rs and go from there. Overall, thrilled at how I did this event – Top 10 in St. Louis is definitely attainable. My PAX points this event would have been 9787, an all time high for me – and I’m still not even on the fastest tire yet.

Index results here.
Class results here.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Keep looking ahead – now 2 gates minimum ahead, really does help
  • Keep pushing harder
  • Keep it going in slaloms
  • Lines are decent, but more control, tighter in some spots

Notes (Mini):

  • 8/9ths full tank
  • Ran 40/42psi
  • 132 + 8 runs on Dunlop Z2’s
  • Raw time total 109.958 – total 3.013s behind Adam on two courses
  • 200th run this year!

2015 Run Count: 206 (+8 Mini)

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