Mini UOA #5

This nearly confirms to be that the increase in moly is what the Mini really likes. This is a “thinner” oil than the Euro 5w30 – though, from the tested numbers, it’s actually thicker over all temperature ranges. I was mistaken in my autox run count as you may note from the report – it is not 1 more than the last report, it is 5 less. I think that is fairly negligible in this case, as it did drive slightly more miles on this oil – and a lot more cold start to move the car 10ft, and back and forth – and still did way better than Amsoil Euro 5w30.

Overall, very happy with this oil run. Equivalent to the OE oil, yet with more miles on it. Frankly, I regret even running Euro 5w30 in my car based on the results – but hey, someone’s gotta do the testing. Iron went down nearly 50% from Euro. Aluminum wear seems to be holding steady regardless of what is in there. A few trace elements here and there, but nothing bad. Amsoil SSO is truly a great oil.

I am strongly leaning towards running this oil year round based on these results. I’m gonna give OE another shot on a full (~70 autox runs) run, then one more different oil before I make my final call.

10212015 Mini UOA #5
Amsoil 0w30 SSO
1,324 miles 66 Autox Runs

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