BSCC 08092015 (NB)

With the NB sale imminent, decided to run an event with the car to see how she does. Unfortunately, I found out as soon as I took it that the clutch was slipping really badly. Giving it gas on the highway would just cause a rise in revs without accelerating. Regardless, decided to give it a run and see how it did for the day.

Found it wasn’t too bad for autoxing, though it slipped pretty bad launching in 1st. Compared to the Mini, the NB had a lot more body roll and a lot more oversteer on braking/lift – a little too much. If we were keeping the NB, a FSB would be a perfect fix for both of those issues. Would control the body a little more and dampen down the oversteer I was feeling. The car as is is really good for driving training though, as it really forced me to be smooth with my inputs. The flip-side of that is, the harder I tried to push/go faster, the more abrupt my inputs would be, and the more wildly the car would start to behave, making it difficult to control. Without knowledge of where the car’s limits were and under what situation, I definitely left a lot of time out there. I couldn’t get comfortable in the car at the limit. At 8/10ths, inputs were smooth and the car felt great. Any more than that, and it was all over the place. I don’t think I won BSCC this go around, but I wasn’t expecting to in the Miata. For the next BSCC, I will probably take the Evo.

Potentially 2-3 more events for the Miata – 8/16 StlSolo, 8/23 BSCC, and 8/30 StlSolo will be its final. With that. I’ll be taking it’s fresher Dunlop Z2ss, which should provide a little more grip than what I currently have on my RS3V2s. I took a look during the event and they actually look great. Plenty of tread, minimal shoulder wear. I think they will last me another 60-80 runs, carry through on them through maybe an event or two next year before swapping to the RE71Rs.

Things to work on (NB Miata):

  • Push harder while keeping smooth
  • Will take more seat time

Notes (NB Miata):

  • Half tank of gas
  • Pressures not even, tires still leaking
  • Probably the last event for me before we sell

2015 Run Count: 150 (+6 NB Miata)

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