StlSolo 5 07122015 (Mini)

Second part of the double header was back home in STL. Was a scorcher, and decided to run Heat 1 to get out faster and out of the sun. Getting heat was definitely not a problem this event, with it reaching 90 degrees by 11am. Really loved the course and thought it was well balanced. My buddy that drove out for an StlSolo described it the way I described my first StlSolo – that it looked almost like a mini road course. Was definitely a blast, probably one of my favorite courses all year. The last few courses ended up slightly favoring powerful cars IMO, with a couple low speed digs that exited out into “offsets” except any car, powerful or not, could WOT with just a wiggle and stay on the throttle the whole time. This course had none of that.

Despite the lack of the grip, the balance of the car actually felt pretty decent. I left my last event in the Mini really wanting to add more front grip. Decided to try 38/42 for PSIs (vs 40/43 last event) this event and it felt pretty good. I’d still like the car a little looser, and there’s a small change I will make when I get a break in races to achieve that. A couple of spots where the car really scrubbed, but otherwise felt okay. I finished 16th, 1.475 behind with a 53.208. This was not my fastest run though, as I really put down a flier my last run, including a pretty awful 180 turn around and a very awful 90 deg final turn, where the car just locked up and pushed, as has happened once or twice in the past. I should have taken that corner a bit wider in retrospect. That run was nearly a 53 flat regardless, but I hit a mystery cone somewhere – no idea where, and the video doesn’t really indicate such. By the end of the event I had really picked up confidence in the car, staying flat on the gas after the first turn into the slalom, I thought my slaloms were much improved, was able to make the car dance a little bit in general with a little bit of slip in the rear, and overall felt good. The wallom I thought I had run really good as well. Posted that run below instead of the fastest counted.

Results here.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Keep looking ahead
  • Keep improving the slalom
  • Keep a tighter line on sweepers

Notes (Mini):

  • 6/9 Tank
  • 38/42 PSI, felt good
  • 169 runs on tires

2015 Run Count: 135 (+6 Mini)

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