Stl Solo TnT 03292015

Annual kick-off test n tune with Stl Solo @ Family arena. Great event and went very smoothly. With events now $40/per, $45 for a tnt is extremely good bang for the buck. After a so-so first event with the CCSCC, the TnT was a good chance for me to get acclimated in the Mini again. I had planned to run the Miatas a little more originally, but once things were going it was kind of hard to get out of the car and try again in a different car.

Did about 22 runs or so in the Mini today, with a fastest time of 28.496. From the morning/bad runs when I was running mid 29’s, the biggest impact was not being late on the slaloms, and taking a tighter line through the sweeper. In general, setting up things better to get on the gas a little earlier and then get on the gas early were crucial to a faster time as well. Had one of the evo school instructors take the car out and do a 28.2 in the car, so I’m not too far off here. However, the nature of the course with TnT’s tends to be more about the car and less about the driver, though driver is still the biggest component obviously. Fairly happy with how I did but I wasn’t able to get any faster than 28.5 or so, which I ran several times. By the end, I did feel fairly comfortable in the Mini but still getting used to the setup. That said, still very happy with the stiffer bumpstops and sway bar in the middle setting. Can’t wait to try the stiffest setting when it gets hotter out.

Did 1 run in the NA and about 5 in the NB. Don’t remember the times, but I did about 30.x in the NB in the wet in the last heat. We may not be keeping the NA for much longer, so I’m glad I took a run in it. A lot looser Took a few videos, got one of my fastest run below:

Things to work on:

  • Work on the slaloms still
  • Sticking closer to the cones in sweepers really cut times
  • Set up right
  • Get on the gas early

2015 Run Count: 33


  • Getting more comfortable, sticking with the current sway bar setting.
  • Ran 41/43, about 3/4 tank in the car
  • Temps in the 30-50s

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