CCSCC 11082014 – Last Event in the Mini of 2014

Great end to the year! Had been debating between going to St Louis’s Gateway track event & this one, but in the end I decided to see my friends at CCSCC one more time. It was a good choice. Great event on Saturday. Cold, but I enjoyed the course. It was a very traditional/standard CCSCC course. Some offsets and transitions, a couple of u-turns, a big sweeper out back and some slaloms and offsets on the way back. I improved with every run and I finally managed a 47.906, good for 8th in index! A personal best at CCSCC period – with or without codriver, etc. I’ve been on a tear the last few events, but I think it’s actually due to the cold weather. The car just handles better in the cold. It’s a touch looser, which is just where I want it to be. I’ll need to figure out how to get the car to handle this way in the hot for 2015.

Index results here.
Raw time results here.
Total event results here.

Things to work on:

  • Smoother inputs
  • Commit to turns
  • Still a little yank-y on the wheel
  • Unwind the wheel faster ~24s
  • Coming out of the sweeper into the tight turn, fairly straight after, should have braked earlier and powered out through until the end

Run count: 221


  • Cold temps, ran 41/43 – same as last week in CSCC
  • Need to set up hot setup to mimic car’s behavior in the cold

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