BSCC 09282014

Second BSCC event of the year – decided to give the Evo a shot at this event, as I had some settings to test out on the car. Overall, this car is so much different from the Mini that it’s hard to adjust for the first couple of runs. It’s also tough, as I usually go into these BSCC events blind (no walks), though I try to get a ride-along in once before I actually drive.

The settings I wanted to test were for a new ACD tune I wanted to try out. The new ACD tune was sponsored by English Racing, big thanks to them for letting me try it out. I decided to devote 2 runs to each of the ACD settings. I tried running the Evo before a couple of weeks ago at the Stlsolo event, but it’s hard to draw any information from that, as my tires were just so worn out at that point.

The first two runs were on Street mode. I’m not sure if this is the stock Tarmac map or a little bit tweaked, but it felt pretty similar to stock. Basically, it exhibited all the typical Evo behavior that I’m used to. Speed-wise, it’s hard to draw any conclusions from the first two runs, since I was also getting used to the car and the course.

The next two runs were on the next looser setting, Gravel/Track. You can tell the changes fairly immediately. Unlike all my other prior maps, where I wasn’t sure exactly what it was doing, there was a definite distinction here. All the tunes I’ve had in the past were distinguished by a strange binding/resisting/understeering feeling – this was not that. The biggest thing that stands out is an improvement in turn in & off throttle tuck etc. Basically it does exactly what I was hoping for it to do. After all my other tunes, I was worried that this was the one area an ACD tune wouldn’t be able to solve, but I was wrong on that front. On throttle, I can’t say I noticed much difference – and that is a good thing. With how aggressive my rear differential is, I was worried a more aggressive ACD tune would make it too loose on power – thankfully this was not the case.

My final two runs were on the Tarmac/Autox map. This was more of what I experienced on the Track map – basically, even further of a willingness to turn in, and more tuck on throttle lift. Unlike the last time when I tried this map on worn out tires, there was no fishtailing, and nothing unmanageable on the fresher Z1*s. Still no craziness on throttle as well. Very happy with this map, and I will probably stick to this one for auto-x in the future, after I get the tires warmed up. That, or I may consider getting a rear sway bar and running in the Gravel/Track mode.

Overall, my driving is really bad in the Evo, especially compared to the Mini. Everything comes up faster, braking zones need to be way longer, I’m much farther from cones, etc. Regardless of settings, I’ll still understeer if I overcook a corner, which is pretty much expected for this car. Car is about 800 pounds heavier than the Mini, only slightly wider relatively speaking, triple the power, and the tires are not that much wider all around. So, the car is way faster in the straights, worse at braking, and probably worse through corner entry & mid-corner, though it will blow the Mini away on corner exits obviously.

I started dual driving these cars hoping I could learn something from the strengths and weaknesses of both cars – and I think I have been able to identify these. Hopefully I can continue driving both cars, and improving in both! Please excuse the terrible driving for now:

PAX: 25th, far behind

Things to work on (Evo):

  • Brake earlier
  • Tighter lines
  • Look way ahead

Run count: 197


  • Left PSI at 38 all around, should try 40-43 next time
  • Considering r-comps for the car once the Z1*s are done

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