CCSCC 09202014

Up until about midnight the night before I had planned on bringing the evo to this event instead of the Mini, but given a host of factors – chance of rain, just changed all the fluids/wanted to drive it around and test for leaks, etc., I decided to take the Mini instead. It also means that next week, instead of going to Chicago I’ll be doing the BSCC autox in Stl, and it means giving up Chicago entirely as far as the class championship there. There’s always next year for that, I suppose.

Course was good, running in reverse from the North end as we have for a few times here. Finished 17th again, where I have been finishing for a few events now. I really struggled with the down-and-back portion of the course, just never getting the increasing/decreasing width slalom right. I think I should have gone right on the entry as well, but IDK. Happy with where I finished despite it being a “power” course, and my raw time never really varied the entire event.

Fastest time: 55.336

Final results here.

Things to work on:

  • Smoother inputs
  • Tighter lines and closer to the cones. Had difficulty with this this event, too much thinking about the shift etc.
  • Better braking

Run count: 191


  • New shifter, replaced by Mini for free at 9,918 miles as well as an oil change
  • Faster, power course
  • Crossed 10k miles for the trip.

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