Stl Solo 9

Sunday was interesting – while we ran Saturday’s course more or less in reverse, some key changes were made, resulting in an extremely fast section up – I was at 5100rpms in 3rd gear (~70mph) before I had to shut it down through the back stretch. Again the car felt fine, not much to report there. I’ve historically struggled at St Louis events were 3rd gear is necessary, the Mini hustles okay but I struggle on the 3-2 downshift, either pushing the gear too far and into the reverse area of the gate, or pulling the shifter out entirely, on top of the normal downshifting stuff – rev matching correctly, etc.

I thought I did okay, all things considered. Ended up 17th again, so at least I’m consistent there. I had a pro club racer co-drive with me, and I had him right up until the end, when he dropped a full second off of his fastest time, resulting in a 47.386. My best was a 48.006.



Things to work on:

  • Smoother inputs
  • Tighter lines and closer to the cones. Had difficulty with this this event, too much thinking about the shift etc.
  • Better braking

Run count: 186


  • Asphalt still slick, 3rd gear courses suck
  • Hit 70mph on the front section

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