Spring Nats 2014 – National Tour Day 2

East Course – 5/26/2014

Day 2 of the tour started like Day 1 did – with a downpour of rain overnight. It again looked like dry runs were going to be hard to come by. The East Course drains water much much slower than the West Course due to it being a drain for pretty much the entire site. So while we didn’t get any more rain, where on Day 1 on the West Course it was bone dry by the 2nd heat, we still had a very small amount of standing water even by my runs in the 4th heat.

Again, I thought my drive was decent. Nothing special to speak of, and it’s obvious I’m still far behind the leaders in the class. Reno didn’t drive his own MINI, but in a different one he did a 67.620. Salenius did a 68.392. The fastest I could manage was a 70.096, which was my 2nd run. I had a few spots of understeer during that run, so for my 3rd I thought I would back off a bit in those areas – I must have backed off too much though, because I was about a tenth slower than I had been.

On a side note, I did 42.1mpg on the drive home from the event, with all my autox stuff, including tires, and my dog. This is important because (in theory) this car is also my daily driver. Pretty pleased with those results. The overall mpg isn’t fantastic, mainly because I’m autoxing the car so often.

Full results here.

Run Count: 96

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