Spring Nats 2014 – National Tour Day 1

West Course – 5/25/2014

Sunday was the first day of the National Tour portion of Spring Nats. We woke up in the morning to a completely soaked course and drizzling all morning. Rain has been the story all weekend, and Sunday was no different. However, the course completely, completely dried by 2nd heat while I was working, and stayed dry until 4th heat when I ran. It turned out I was the only person running in HS, as Reno and others decided to run in STF instead for contingency.

Regardless, I still wanted to see and compare times to see how far back I am from the fast guys in HS. Looks like Reno ran a 66.594 for his fast run, and Salenius ran a 67.812. The fastest I could muster was a 69.921, so about 2-3 seconds from being “fast,” about what I’ve expected. Very tough, but I’m hoping to see an improvement between now and Nationals in September.

Run Count: 93

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