Stl Solo Event 3 – 05/18/2014

After struggling the last few events, this was not a bad way to end the first third of the season! I can’t believe that was my tenth even so far, including schools and test n tunes. As usual with St. Louis events, I work registration, and then I take a solid 3-4 course walks before things get kicked off. This course drove so much better than it walked. It was the first time in a while I felt like I was having fun while driving, most likely because I had it in the bag early on.

50.162 was the time to beat heading into the event, and I hit a 49.112 + cones to start off, so I knew I’d have it down. I think I’m happy where I’m setting my tire pressures for now, 38f/40r. For the tenth time, I pulled out the shift knob completely while shifting into second. Unfortunately I don’t think anything can be done about it at this point. I was able to work my way down to a 49.101, which barely beat my first run with a cone. In that sense, I suppose there is a lot of work to do, but I was happy to have a decent clean run for once.

I’ll put up the official results once they’re finalized, but it looks like I was 1st in class, and 15th in PAX – a new record for me! Happy with the results there, and hopefully SOME indication that I am improving…

It is really worth mentioning how happy I am with the suspension setup. Eventually, I may want the car to be a touch looser, but for now I’m extremely happy with it. These shocks are amazing, and they are really handling the bumps etc. very well. The setup feels perfect.

Stl Solo PAX: 15th (-6, record!)

Final results here.
Class Championship results here.
Index Championship results here.

Things to work on for next event:

  • Same stuff, plus be smoother:
  • Slow down in advance for certain elements, power out
  • A lot of my line issues actually come from taking the corner too quickly
  • Need more seat time to figure out where I can go faster and where I need to slow down, how fast I can take certain elements
  • Brake harder/more aggressively

Run Count: 78

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