CCSCC 05/17/2014

First of a double header this weekend. Not too much to say about it, other than it was an interesting course featuring a figure 8 style loop & a very straight line start. The car handled great but as usual I still need some work. I don’t think I’m driving the car as fast as I could be in certain spots, haven’t figure out the technique to generate max grip out of the car. It always feels like there’s a lack of bite, still probably my steering input. 2nd in class again for the fourth time in a row – this time though, it was a bump class with GS with a very fast driver in a focus ST – I believe he took 3rd overall in PAX.

It was difficult for me to get a clean, fast run in and that’s probably what did me in. Seems to be a pattern with me recently. Fastest counted below.

CCSCC PAX: 24th (+3)

Index results here.

Things to work on for next event:

  • Slow down in advance for certain elements, power out
  • A lot of my line issues actually come from taking the corner too quickly
  • Need more seat time to figure out where I can go faster and where I need to slow down, how fast I can take certain elements
  • Brake harder/more aggressively

Run Count: 72

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