Harness In!

Finally took some time to get the Schroth Quick Fit harness in. Very easy job, probably 30min max as long as you’ve got everything you need right there. Schroth includes a how-to, but I thought I’d write it out here with pics as well.

Tools needed:

  • Socket wrench
  • T50 Torx bit
  • 17mm socket

And that’s all you really need! Details with pics below:

Step 1. Lay the harness into place. It comes connected from the factory, nothing special needed here.

Step 2. T50 Torx bit with socket into the driver’s side bottom seat belt portion.

Step 3. Back together! Note the order to replace this is the Schroth bracket, then the seatbelt bracket, and finally the bolt itself. Should still allow the seatbelt to rotate. The Schroth bracket hole is not bigger than the thicker portion of the seatbelt bolt where the seatbelt rotates on.

Step 4. Pull up the back seat bottom cushion and out. I wasn’t sure how to do this at first, but it turns out you just pull it up vertically and the front portion will pop up. Remove for easy access.

Seats out

Step 5. Remove this bolt. It’s also a T50. Will be replaced with Schroth’s provided bolt.

Step 6. Reassemble using Schroth’s bolt. Tighten down with a 17mm socket. The exact order, provided in Schroth’s manual, is: Schroth bolt, washer, harness bracket, spacer, MINI seatbelt bracket.

Step 7. Reassemble and done! All you really need to do is put the rear seats back in and test fit at this point.

Definitely one of the more straightforward things I’ve done with the car. I haven’t found it to be the most comfortable harness I’ve ever had (cuts into my neck a little more than others – i.e., my evo’s) due to the nature of the pass-through the headrest, but it will get the job done. I believe I can tighten it down to a satisfying level. It’s nice to retain full functionality of the stock belts, as well as being able to remove this harness whenever I want and nothing in the way.

Only thing I’m waiting on are the custom valved FCM Bilsteins now. I’ve set a date to do all the installs with the local MINI guys – less than a week before the first event. Crunch time! And once the season starts, many, many more blog posts to come.

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