JCW Strut Tower Brace Install

After a small debacle of not getting my JCW strut tower brace on time, I finally received and installed my JCW STB today! As luck would have it, it started drizzling as I was installing this piece, so I was a little crabby about everything getting wet.

Regardless, it was a straightforward install, especially since MINI USA provided the install instructions as a PDF somewhere on the Internet – thought I’d post up my own personal steps with pictures.

You need: 13mm socket, 17mm wrench, 8mm hex key

Step 1. Unscrew the 6 top bolts (13mm) holding the strut towers:

Step 2. Test fit the brace. This is where I started having to make adjustments. The brace wasn’t long enough as it was provided to me, so I had to undo the locking nuts (17mm) and basically turn the arms to lengthen the brace.

Step 3. Start tightening the brace down. Again, as my brace was shipped, the bit that holds the bar to the clamps wasn’t tightened down, so I had to do that once I started tightening everything down (17mm & 8mm hex key):

Step 4. Tighten everything down (6 13mm bolts)!

I basically torque’d everything down by hand, and I’ll probably have to re-do everything this weekend to make sure it’s perfect. Right now I think the left (pass side) “arm” of it is overextended, but I didn’t have much slack on the right (driver’s side). Probably fine. Everything clears and the hood clears as well, but haven’t been able to test drive the car with it yet. I’m expecting no difference in handling. Regardless, I’m confident that I have the necessary documentation for this to be a legally “port-installed” piece.

One thing I’m concerned about is the piece closest to the center digging into the strut tower top. I’m sure it’ll be fine though.

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