Oil Change

I’ve done oil change how-to posts before, and there are plenty out there, so I’ll just keep this brief. My oil of choice is Redline 5w30. I’ve done a lot of research as far as oil goes, and I believe this oil perfectly meets all the requirements the Mini needs – particularly the molybdenum.

Everything here is standard fare. 8mm hex head to undo the drain plug, drain. 27mm socket for the oil filter housing. Old filter out, old plastic ring out, new ones on, and put the oil filter back on. New crush washer on drain plug, and back on. Everything was tightened hand tight. Then fill, check, fill, check, and done! This was my first time using rhino ramps to get under the car, was definitely very quick and easy.


Step 1. Get the car up on ramps/stands

Locate the drain pan, and drain the oil my unscrewing the 8mm hex at the back of the oil pan.

Replace the drain plug with new crush washer.

Change the oil filter – this requires a 27mm hex. I’ve only ever used OEM oil filters. The filter material cartridge comes out easily, and the OEM filters come with a new rubber ring for the oil filter holder.

Fill up the oil using a funnel. I used Amsoil here, but have since switched to Red Line 5w30.

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