Recaro Pole Positions – Leather & Suede (Evo)

After resisting for so long with my OEM recaros, I’ve caved and have chosen an aftermarket seat: the Recaro Pole Positions. These seats are not the most hardcore option, but they are a fixed back seat that still provide good support and are lighter than OEM. I’ve chosen the black leather + suede option, at least somewhat keeping in line with the factory seats. These seats look very good.

The pole positions have slots ready for the 4pt harness and fit my Schroths perfectly – and are able to use a 6pt harnesses if necessary. I paired these seats are paired with the Buddy Club Racing Spec sliders ( and it puts me at around half an inch or so lower than the OEM setup, which was already lowered on Binary Engineering seat brackets. I’ve set the brackets on the slots up one from the bottom for both front & rear. This setup, including the brackets, comes in around 29-30bs, vs the OEM 37lbs, both including brackets. This is a solid 7-8lb drop per side (more on that in a second).

I’m excited to see how these seats feel. Hopefully, they will prevent me from bruising my knees holding myself against the door card and center console on the car, as I did with the stock seats. They are much more snug than OEM, but I actually really like the look and feel of them, and I really like the new seating position, everything is set perfectly in reach. Due to massive issues in shipping, only the driver’s side for now – passenger’s side hopefully coming soon. We’re about 10 months waiting on that, but any day now…

I might hit an autocross here or there to wrap the year up, but this year was definitely fizzled out as I was plagued by various issues. I’m thinking of revamping some of my setup a little bit though, and I’m excited for what’s coming up for next year! Not a lot of driving/events due to a move, but will still have plenty of upgrades coming up.

12/2/2021 – Updating this as the passenger seat was finally installed this weekend. The leather cuts were a little more precise for the passenger’s side, so install went relatively smoothly here. We also removed the driver’s side, as the leather cuts on the right-hand side of the seat meant that one of the flat large washers that was meant to sit against the seat fiberglass was slightly askew. I was worried this would mean the washer would dig into the fiberglass a little, but fortunately this was not the case. We cut out a little of the leather and the rest went smoothly. Decent weight savings, but more to come.

2 thoughts on “Recaro Pole Positions – Leather & Suede (Evo)

  1. Hi! Just saw your journal, and in particular your Evo oil change. Do you still recommend Zrod 10w30? Redline user here for my.. umm.. seldom used steeds. 😄 Ct9as 7, 9 use 10w40, and skyline Gtr use 10w60. Gonna try amsoil since one of my friend recommends that oil too.
    Hope to hear from you sir! Nice journal BTW.
    All the best, stay safe!

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