Battery & ACD Pump Relocation

This off-season is primarily going to be focused on improving the Evo’s balance. The Evo needs any help it can get in the balance department. The entire ACD pump has been relocated to the trunk, for a shift of 20 lbs off the front and 20 lbs onto the rear. Likewise, the battery has also been relocated to the trunk. Though the battery is a lightweight Antigravity battery, it still weighs 12lbs, as I received the wrong (extra capacity battery) – it works out though, as that also removes 12lbs from the front to the rear – total of 32 lbs off the front and into the rear. It’s not much, but it’s still a net 2% shift – 1% off the front, 1% added to the rear. 32lbs of improved balance is not too bad. This also opens up some space up front.

Next up will be to potentially cover these bits up a better, and modify the carpet and plywood to accommodate the ACD pump and battery. I’d still like to use some of the side panel covers – the left side is totally unhindered, but the right side will need to be modified. This will be the first of a number of mods made this season to improve the car’s balance.

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