Gridlife Topeka 2021

It’s been a while since updating – after getting the podium in Chicago, I took a short hiatus from racing/car related activities. As the 8/8 track day with Chin quickly approached however, I started getting the car ready, until disaster – another issue with the Evo. The car just felt like it was not running right, and acting really weak/breaking up on throttle.

I swapped the spark plugs and all, but the issue turned out to be that the COP coils had gone bad on the car. This was a simple fix, and I picked up the car from the shop and headed to Topeka to compete in my 3rd gridlife event.

Day 1 was very tough – with temps rising fast, it was impossible to get a good run in with happy tires. I’m also a slow learner, but day 2 was much more productive. After some analysis and data, I was able to drop 2.5s in the first session, down to a 1:48.5. I dropped another 6 tenths in the second session, down to a 1:47.9, and another 5 tenths down to a 1:47.4 by the end of the day. This left me about 1s off of podium, albeit with a number of drivers in between. I was also the only driver really making significant inroads on time in my class, leaving some opportunity for the morning session on day 3.

Day 3 also started much cooler, but was unable to improve in the morning session, dropping back down to a 1:47.9. I didn’t really have my head in the game, and didn’t attack the corners hard enough. In the afternoon session, and last of the event, I finally whittled down another 5 tenths, to a 1:46.9. This left me about 1s off of 2nd, and 0.6s off of 3rd, resulting in 5th overall. The run was nowhere near perfect, but I’m happy with the performance given learning the track for the first time. I’m still down on power compared to most of my competitors, and up on weight as well, so unless I have a real seat time advantage (Autobahn), it’s going to be an uphill fight for podium.

Set Up (Evo):

  • Ohlins DFV (Custom valved); Shocks 5/7
  • OEM FSB 4/5; WL 26mm RSB: Medium
  • RE-ACD: Tarmac; ATS 1-way CH Front Differential; ATS 1.5-way CH Rear Differential
  • Camber at -3.5, -2.5 rear, 0 Toe F/R
  • Brakes F: Girodisc 2-pc & ST41s Brakes R: Girodisc 2-pc & ST43s
  • CE28N 18×9.5; 255/35-18 Falken RT660
  • 35psi

Notes (Evo):

  • 2021 Evo: 11 autox runs, 25 track sessions (7 on Falkens)

2021 Event Count: 1 Autox, 5 Track Days

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