New Clutch – South Bend Stage 2 Daily (Golf R)

Got a new clutch installed last weekend at about 104,000 miles on the car. The previous clutch was in brand new shape – a DKM twin disk. Given my Golf R is part daily driver, especially so with the Corolla being totaled, I wanted a lighter clutch with a little bit higher pick up. I picked a South Bend Stage 2 Daily Driver clutch, which is a single disc clutch that still holds 400 lb.ft of torque. Even with the weekend track days, with careful driving I should be well within its tolerances. Turned out the clutch still picks up pretty low, but it is much, much, much lighter – which will also wear the crank bearings less.

Break-in calls for:

  • 400-450 miles of in-town driving
  • Highway driving is fine, but does not count towards break-in
  • No launching, slipping, or downshifting (I assume this means non-double clutched downshifting)

After I got the car back, tried out Turtle Wax’s new ceramic wet wax (car was washed, clay barred, and ceramic coated earlier). Turned out fantastic.






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