Motegi MR140s

Picked up my Motegi MR140 (18×8.5 +45) wheels the other day – originally purchased to be my race wheels, I decided to switch things up – the Motegi MR140s will be my daily wheels, running 245/40-18 General Altimax RT43s as my generic all-seasons. I went with the taller offset tires to provide more protection for the wheel itself, while also providing more road cushion for the wheels and the ride.

The Enkei Raijins, which are in poor shape to begin with anyway, will be the race wheels. The specs are very similar, the Motegis are actually be a tiny bit lighter, with the Enkeis having a tiny bit more poke out. The 255/35-18s that will go on the Enkeis for racing should be a small amount shorter as well, closer to stock.




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