Golf R – Vorshlag Camber Plates

To start off, for some reason these were an absolute nightmare for me to install. The first time I got the perches, they did not fit the OEM springs – while Vorshlag sent me slightly machined ones, a 2 day turnaround to get make for the weekend turned into an 8-day turnaround – with NO response from these guys when trying to figure out what the problem was. Their customer service absolutely sucks.

Finally getting them on the struts and installed, the entire assembly seemed to be longer than before. The springs are definitely a little looser, esp on the driver’s side, and it was a lot of work to get the driver’s side on because of it. It looks like at full droop it’s about 1.5″ longer than OEM – not totally sure why.

Part of the reason I got these was for the additional caster setting available on them. They are finally on the car, and I will find out what kind of camber/caster the car sees with these and the new Superpro caster bushings, and update for the alignment.

IMG_20200125_22573520200202_185521IMG_20200220_171335IMG_20200212_185920 (1)IMG_20200220_170801IMG_20200220_171414IMG_20200223_160811


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