BSCC 2019-5 09212019

Boeing’s 5th event at Family Arena today. Had hoped the Evo would be ready to test n tune the new diff out, but unfortunately neither the diff nor the new FMIC were ready anyway – which is why it’s always nice to have a  “back-up” car.

The M3 has been running great, with no issues. It was making a kind of scraping noise in the right rear when the car would get hot, but after pulling the brake heat shield back it went away. I had just beaten the car on the track the weekend prior, but the car had absolutely no qualms about getting raced again.

It took me a while to get out of the “track driving mode” and into “autox mode” – the latter requiring a lot more intensity and ferocity behind the wheel. I do think that track driving has improved my driving from an input standpoint, but the frequency of the inputs is much higher in autox. Luckily I was able to clip off two quick final runs, landing me first in index for this event. Unfortunately, I missed recording the last run, which I blew a corner in but was still my fastest, so I’ve uploaded my second fastest (and all runs after) below.

Results 09212019

Set Up:

  • FS Prep, stock
  • Regular mode (Not M), Power on 0, EDC on 2, Traction off
  • Apex 18×9+30 F, 18×10 +25 R, 275/35-18 RE71Rs
  • Camber at -1.6 F, -1.6 R,  0-toe F, 1/32nd toe-in R
  • At 1/2 Tank
  • 33psi all around on RE71Rs

Notes (M3):

  • Car feels good, balanced
  • Need to be smooth on throttle – upsetting the car early in the run seems to upset it for the rest of the run
  • Look ahead and through corners
  • 2019 Track days (2)
  • 2019 Runs (10 on M3, 62 runs on RE71Rs)

2019 Run Count: 30 (+7 M3)

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