Stl Solo 2019-5 08112019 (M3)

Finally able to take the M3 out for the first event of the year. Was not intentional, but due to the tweaks I’ve been making to the Evo for track, I would end up using autocross as a tnt for the car to make sure everything was operating smoothly. This turned out to be the right call, as the Evo blew a hard-to-reach intercooler pipe at the last autocross, something that would have been difficult for me to handle out of town at a track day.

The M3 felt great – well balanced with good amount of oversteer and understeer on tap depending on my inputs with the car. Despite being my first event of the year in the M3, I did uncharacteristically well in the car. Obviously, it’s not like I haven’t been driving at all –  I have been driving all year, so the only things to adjust to were the car’s balance and throttle control. The other thing was given how simple & short the course was, having 414hp or so with a tall second gear really helped me here. Wound up first in class and third in index overall, probably one of my best finishes.

Set Up:

  • FS Prep, stock
  • Regular mode (Not M), Power on 0, EDC on 2, Traction off
  • Apex 18×9+30 F, 18×10 +25 R, 275/35-18 RE71Rs
  • Camber at -1.6 F, -1.6 R,  0-toe F, 1/32nd toe-in R
  • At 1/2 Tank
  • 35psi all around on RE71Rs

Notes (M3):

  • Car feels good, balanced
  • Need to be smooth on throttle – upsetting the car early in the run seems to upset it for the rest of the run
  • Look ahead and through corners
  • 2019 Track days (0)
  • 2019 Runs (3 on M3, 55 runs on RE71Rs)

2019 Run Count: 23 (+3 M3)

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