Stl Solo 2018-7 08192018

Third event in the M3 – I’m noticing that I’m naturally pushing harder in my latter runs, and it’s costing me time in the form of my throttle getting too aggressive. I’m going to need to learn how to manage that on top of driving harder. I couldn’t cut a ton of time out there today, I was pushing too hard in the stretch from 15-20s. The harder I pushed in that spot, the slower I got. Overall, there were a few parts of transition I could have carried more speed through also.

Things to work on (M3):

  • Seat time to get comfortable in the car
  • Better throttle control, get on throttle as early as possible, smoother throttle
  • Look ahead more, smoother steering
  • More aggressive/carry more speed in corners & slaloms

Notes (M3):

  • 2/3 tank
  • Camber at -1.6, -1.6 rear,  0 toe front 1/32 toe-in rear
  • 33F/31R
  • M Mode, Power mode off, DSC Off, Shocks on hard setting. M mode with everything else the same just felt slower
  • 9,627 Pax
  • 2018 Runs: 17 (+7 RE71Rs, 18 on tires – friend took one run in the car)

2018 Run Count: 63 (+6 M3)

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