New Blog Address!

R56HS has now become QL Motorsport! Due to changes in priorities and cars, I have shifted the blog to become a more driver-focused site. I will still be driving the Mini for nearly half the autocross events, but have shifted the focus more to the Evo, prepping the car for autocross and track, and continuously tweaking the car. I have been toying with the idea of swapping the Mini for something RWD, but will likely continue on with the Mini for the foreseeable future.

I’ve also finally purged the blog of all the old photobucket links. Due to photobucket not allowing 3rd party links, I’ve had to change all the old pictures, how-tos, etc. and will now be using Imgur for all my photo hosting. Hopefully, Imgur won’t go the same route as photobucket in the future.

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