StlSolo 2017-1 04302017

Second event of the year for the Mini in near record-like rainfall. Luckily, the Mini does, very, very well in the wet. No one else can really put power down so they slow down a good bit, and it impacts the Mini hardly any. The car is also set up a little too pushy for the dry, and it ends up being about perfect in the wet, while most other people are too loose. Best finish of all time, 2nd in index, and was 1st almost the whole way through. The Si that usually beats me by ~1s lost by about 2.3s, which was interesting. Fastest run unfortunately had a cone, would have buffered the hit in points by about 100 (and have been my all time best points finish), but not bad for how things went.

Two major changes for the Mini during the off season – car was set up looser via more toe out in the rear, and I’m now on the shorter 205/45-16 RE71Rs, vs the former 205/50-16s. The first event with GAX where I codrove with my girlfriend was on the old tire & alignment setup. Hard to gauge any difference yet with the tires due to this being a total wet event. I did notice the top speed being shorter, but didn’t hinder anything just yet. Did not notice an improvement in acceleration but the car is pretty slow as it is anyway. Theoretically the shorter sidewalls should help with handling and perhaps allow me to run lower presssures, but unable to test that either. The tires were at 37psi all around for this event and I just left them there given the conditions. Was hoping the car would be looser than it was in the rain, but hard to test without running in normal conditions (40/45psi, emptier tank)

Index results here.
Class results here.
Raw time results here.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Distance to cones, line
  • Slalom speed
  • Backing off continued to help – don’t be too aggressive, do more slow in fast out driving

Notes (Mini):

  • 3/4 tank
  • Toe out in rear
  • 37psi all around
  • Pax Points: 9,802 (2nd in index, all time best with SCCA)
  • 2017 Runs: 12 (6 on new tires)

2017 Run Count: 30 (+6 Mini)

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