No Rinse Car Wash

Gave the Evo a long overdue wash this weekend – this time using a new product: Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine. Genuinely impressed by this stuff, and really worked wonders on the Evo.

What usually was a process of: Rinse, wash w/ soap, rinse, detail fluid + claybar, wax; is now wash, dry & wax – really cutting the time down. This stuff really is like claybar in a bottle. One thing it didn’t get off were the cone scars on the front bumper that were over a year and half old. Clay bar didn’t take those off either, so I took a dish scrubber with some scratch remover and went to town on it. Since this was on the bumper, I didn’t have any concern about scratching anything up. Very happy with the wash, results below. Not a professional detail, but clean enough to be presentable:



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