2011 Rav4 V6 AWD – Transfer Case Fluid Change

How-To for the transfer case on the Rav4 – this should apply to all Rav4.3’s with AWD, so I believe 2006-2012. Again, a very simple process that definitely should be done (not a lifetime fluid) and shouldn’t require a trip to the dealer. Do all work at your own risk.

Tools needed:

  • Ramp or stands
  • M10 hex head
  • Extension
  • Drain pan
  • 1.1 pints of 75w90 GL5 Gear Oil (Red Line 75w90 Gear Oil)
  • Fluid pump

Start by jacking up the front of the car, or driving it up ramps:

The transfer case is located right by the engine oil pan, and doesn’t require moving anything to get it out of the way:

Not the greatest pics, but the fill and drain are right next to each other, and conveniently the drain plug is located right at the bottom. Just like with the rear differential though, loosen the fill first so you know you can get it off. I had a problem getting access to the fill, as my wrench + hex head bit was too long to fit in the narrow space. My solution was buying the hex key tool itself from Autozone, and that worked perfectly.

Drained out all the old fluid via the drain plug, closed it back up, opened the fill plug all the way and refilled with the pump just as I did with the rear differential.

Very straightforward, and took maybe 30 minutes not including the trip to Autozone! Another crucial job to do for those of us not buying into “lifetime fluid.”


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