2011 Rav4 – Weathertech Mats

First maintenance/modification up for the new Rav4 – Weathertech mats! Whoever owned the car previously and traded it into the dealer must have felt they needed to take the mats with them, so I ended up with none. Sadly the dealer didn’t provide any either, and after scanning the web for a wide range of cheap and expensive mats, I found a vendor on Amazon selling the highly renowned Weathertech mats at a decent price, for the front and rear set.

Never having owned Weathertech mats before, I had high expectations for them — overall, they are decent mats, but they are just floor mats nonetheless. The biggest problem with these is that they are a lot thinner than I thought they would be. It’s good in the sense that they are very light, but otherwise feel somewhat flimsy and rigid at the same time. When the mat is a thick, heavy material, like in my Mini’s OEM rubber mats, the weight of the mat itself almost seems to force it into the proper position and placement.

The Weathertech’s mats feel much more like they rely on its own cut out mold to determine the fit, which in this case is probably 99% close – but not 100%. They fit very well though, and I should probably reserve final judgment on fit for the summer, when they are a bit more flexible (in 80 degree weather compared to the current 20 degree weather we have now). The rears are a single piece, fitting very well and over the slight hump in the center of the car. However, this is not an optimal solution in my opinion. If there’s something on them, you’re going to have to remove the entire back mat to get it out of the car – even with another person’s help, it will be a change to do so without spilling whatever standing liquid may be there. That said, had they each been a single piece, there would be no coverage over the middle and very possible to have a spill on the actual carpet.

Overall, I am very happy with these mats. The coverage area is excellent, and at least in the fronts it should be very easy to remove dirty stuff from the car. In my opinion, any rubber/vinyl mat is going to be way better than carpet mats, and these are probably the best out there. Though they feel thin and light, they still feel very strong, and the color matches great with the interior of my car. Definitely worth the money over any carpet mat, and the fitment on these almost certainly beats whatever other cheap knock off option there is out there.


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