Evo AC Maint.

Noticed as soon as the weather turned warm this year the Evo AC wasn’t blowing any cold air. Upon further inspection it seemed the compressor wasn’t kicking on. I was worried something was broken with the compressor, and I tried banging on the compressor clutch with no luck. Upon further inquiry, it was suggested that if there is nothing coming out of the low pressure line when i press the release, that would also cause the clutch not to turn on — and trying that, absolutely nothing came out, meaning i had a leak somewhere.

Checked the AC lines, and there was one potential spot indeed. The lower line was on the wrong side of the LICP, and very close to the belt of the ac compressor. it actually looked like it had been rubbing for quite some time, enough to shred to the inner belt. I swapped the belt & added some refrigerant oil as suggested by Knight Autmotive. I as finally able to bring the car in yesterday for an evac & recharge, and only cost $70! The evo always had oddly good AC, so I was bummed when it stopped working – but now it is back to full strength and just in time – the races this weekend will be in some brutal weather!





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