StlSolo & BSCC 2-in-1 06282015

First time trying a 2-in-1 for the StlSolo & BSCC events on 06282015. This was possible by running Heat 1 in StlSolo, then shooting over to BSCC to run Heat 2. Work assignments are taken care of as registration for StlSolo & Clean up crew for BSCC. Worked out perfectly running a “light” T&S crew and 4 corners with StlSolo to have enough people to run a 3 heat format, which worked out great. Was done with StlSolo by 11:30 or so, and then shot over to BSCC at Family after grabbing some food to go with probably 15-20 minutes to spare even.

StlSolo 4

I really enjoyed the course they put out, which had a good amount of similarity to one of the events last year in the back stretch – though when you are following along the wall of the site there’s not too much different you can do. My driving was so-so. I think I did okay through the first sweeper (wasn’t much to do) but could have taken a tighter line on the sweeper going back the other way. Was also fairly far from the turn around cone I should be right on top of. I think I could have pushed a little more speed through the 2cone1cone slalom on the way up, and should have slowed down more for the left hander immediately after. According to people who watched me and the other Minis driving, the next corner is where I lost the most speed. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get around this corner without scrubbing pretty badly. Either way I overshot it or didn’t slow down enough for most of my runs, and it cost me a lot of speed. I had an instructor ride along with me for a few runs and said I should try to flick it through this corner, which resulted in a lot of understeer. The final stretch of the course was WOT, and even into 3rd gear. The first time I took the penultimate corner I took it wide thinking I would need to for the car to clear, but I did not have to, and only tried because the instructor told me to. That’s the kind of thing I need to learn on my own. Also from his ride-alongs, he pointed out I didn’t seem to be looking very far ahead, which I realized was true. Also, with the tires now carrying 150+ runs, things are starting to get a little dicey in terms of grip. Seems like the first 3 runs the tires are fairly happy, and after that they are starting to scrub.

Turns out from the results I actually ended up 21st in index, one of my lowest finishes since driving the new Mini. Based on the results it looks like my actual time behind 1st was roughly the same, ~1.8s, but a whole bunch of people were able to sneak through above me. My only explanation would be the two low speed-to-acceleration zones for the left after the slaloms and the left coming back were pretty much flat out straights not just for me but for most people, where you could lay down the power no matter what car you were driving. Usually my advantage lies in that there are tight offsets I can stay WOT through where other cars need to back off or brake for, but there wasn’t much of that on this course.

Results here.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Look ahead
  • Keep trying to push the limit, carry more speed than I think is possible

Notes (Mini):

  • 8/9s of a tank
  • Set new PSIs with new gauge at around 40/43. May try 39/44 next time.
  • Rear sway bar set to full stiff from the middle position
  • Car is understeering more than I want it to. Full tank of gas probably played some role in it, but otherwise not much I can change right now.


The Boeing event turned out to be a lot of fun. A lot of times the courses have decent flow except for one pinch somewhere along the line, usually near the end. This course really didn’t have anything too terrible, and had pretty good flow actually. BSCC events usually end up being a good ego booster; if there aren’t any SCCA drivers there, I usually am the fastest one at the event. I also seem to have gained a little attention after winning the first event, which is nice but undeserved given how I do against the SCCA drivers. That said, I believe I won this event as well, making it 2 in a row for Boeing! The next BSCC is on 7/26, making it another 2-in-1. Given how well things went timing-wise, I will probably shoot for it again.

The course started out with a pure straight line acceleration zone before entering a series of offsets. I was able to get through them with only a lift, but I was starting to scrub pretty badly near the end of my runs. I had a 14 year old passenger riding along with me during 4 of the 6 runs, who insisted on talking while I was driving. Regardless, didn’t impact me too badly and my fastest run was one with him in the car. After the offsets I entered a sweeper through the back stretch, which I think I could have taken a little tighter. I was able to flat foot it all the way through the sweeper with a lift/touch of the brakes at the end to be able to get through the slalom, which was near WOT if not WOT. There was a final set of chicanes that were crucial to turn in early and stay tight to get through quickly and without understeering badly through, all the way to the finish. I  need to turn in a little earlier and work on getting closer to cones, especially crucial when there are offsets like this. 6 inches saved getting closer on one side is 6 inches that I don’t have to travel to clear the other one. I felt okay about the run overall, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer these tires are near the end of their useful life.

Things to work on (Mini):

  • Turn in early
  • Get as close as possible for offsets
  • Keep looking ahead

Notes (Mini):

  • 7/9 Tank
  • Car really started to lose grip at the end of the runs
  • 163 runs on tires

2015 Run Count: 110 (+12 Mini)

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