2014 Awards

Had our 2014 banquet today, collected some hardware!

First award was the 2014 HS class champion award. Similar to 2013’s but larger and actually says the year.

The next award is the index award. I wanted to make top 20 index this year, and was able to reach that goal at 17th.

Finally, I received the Solo Most Improved Driver of the Year award, for moving from 38th in Index last year to 17th this year.

It’s hard to say what the 2015 landscape will be. The Mini is no longer considered to be the car to have in HS, usurped by the Fiesta ST (189hp, 2700lbs) and the Civic Si (200hp, 2800lbs). While I don’t recall many Fiesta STs coming out in our region last year, who can say what it will be next year. As far as placement index goes, I’ll be shooting for top 10, which is still very doable with the Mini – just needs better driving. Index got better for HS by .001, but most of the street class indices got much, much better. We’ll see. Most improved driver will also be in question, most likely impossible unless I get well under top 10. Either way, 2015 will be a very interesting year!

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