New Tires: Hankook RS3 V2’s

I’d been debating whether or not I’d want new tires, whether I’d want them before or after nats, what tires to get in general etc. – decided to just go for it and bought brand new Hankook RS3V2’s in 205/45-16. This setup is a good bit shorter than what I had been running with the Z2’s, which should result in better acceleration at the expense of top end, which I don’t usually reach anyway. I was always happy with how the RS3s performed in general compared to the Dunlops, so I’m eager to break these in! Only one event before Nationals now, and with ~20 people in the class I’m nervous about getting DFL. Hopefully these tires will help me out!

They came with right around 6.5-6.8mm of tread, right around 0.27″. They’re advertised at 8.8/32nds, or 0.275″. It’s a minor difference, but I’m used to tire makers understating the amount of tread they come with. Not too disappointed, what the bigger question is is how they will handle little camber & shoulder wear. The Z2’s took about 160 runs, falling off around 120 or so – I’d be pretty happy if the RS3V2’s did similar. I’ll probably flip them after 80 runs or so in anticipation of that. First event with these tires will either be a Boeing autox (if I get off the wait list) or a CCSCC scholarship one. Pics:

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