New Android Head Unit Again (Evo)

Every once in a while, I get an updated head unit for the Evo. I do this to make sure I get the latest CPU, with the most up-to-date operating system. Sometimes with these head units, they don’t update properly, and it’s easier to get a new one, especially if there’s been a hardware update.

First thing’s first. I always order from a company called Joying, and I always communicate with them directly in order to get an unmarked head unit. This time, they screwed up. They sent me a marked head unit, so I had to communicate with them to get the proper one. Instead of getting a refund however, I asked them to send me an upgraded unit – the typical unit is 4gb of RAM and 64gb of storage. The upgraded one is 8gb of RAM and 128gb of storage. I don’t really care about the data storage but the RAM is exciting.

Once I did, I was eager to try out a new feature – 4g data connection. I installed the new headunit, which I am extremely familiar with by this point. I inserted the sim card and the 4g antennaes, but unfortunately this feature did not work. The next time I’m in there, I will remove the antennaes.

That said, the new heaunit is very, very quick. I don’t know if it’s the upgraded RAM or the new CPU, but it is snappy to start up and snappy to the touch, with almost no lag between input and the heaunit calling up the app. The look of the heaunit is exactly the same as the past ones and I’m confident that as long as this performance holds up, I will keep this headunit for a very long time.

Also just of note, the Evo was detailed / clay barred / ceramic coated again on 4/30/23. The paint was in pretty bad shape, so hoping this helps.


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