New Sponsor – Falken Tires

Proud to announce Falken Tires as my newest sponsor for the Time Attack Evo. They have been very openly sponsoring drivers in the Grid Life Time Attack events, and were generous enough to give me a shot as well with a set of RT660s.

I have driven Falkens once before – the predecessor to this tire, the RT615k+, which left me very unimpressed. Despite being a 200tw tire, it completely lacked grip compared to the RE71Rs. The RT660s however, have proven to be on par with all the top tier 200tw tires, and has been the go-to for many time attack drivers. In addition to the grip being on par with RE71Rs, their biggest strength is the heat profile. While the RE71Rs grip tends to fall off after a few laps, the RT660s keep going – crucial for time attack events. I can’t wait to give these a proper go!

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