Goodbye M3

The M3 is officially gone – sold to a gentleman in Washington. This was probably the best car I’ve owned thus far, with amazingly neutral handling, easy to drift, catch, control, and one of the best motors I’ve ever experienced. The naturally aspirated 414hp V8 pulled strong all the way to its 8300rpm redline, with no hint of lag or delay, just a smooth pull.

I bought the car in July of 2018 – was going to be a “keep forever” kind of car, but plans change. With moving in mind and cars shifting around, we felt the flexibility was worth giving up one of the cars – and with the Evo sticking around, the Golf R assuming the new daily driver role, and the Prius being the gf’s, the M3 was the odd man out. Hope to own one again some day if I’ve got the space. Otherwise, I may pursue a 911 in the distant future…

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