Stl Solo #5

Good event today. Course was an interpretation of the west course at Spring Nats 2014, albeit we were much more space limited. Gates etc were much narrower, thought it was definitely a good course and good interpretation. Not a great day for me overall. I think this was my first time racing at Stl on the looser set up I’ve been running, and with the slick asphalt it was indeed much looser – for me, a little hard to control. Apparently though, this is about as loose as it should be with for competitions’ sake. Still struggling with the same things, though I thought the run was okay (just okay). I was kind of hoping for a “flash of brilliance” like I had at the last Stl event, but no such luck here. Two of the braking zones were quite difficult, as they were mid-element.

I was overall pretty disappointed with my performance, though by the numbers Events 2 and 3 were worse for me. I was honestly hoping to crack a 55.7, but my best time was only a 56.440, which was my 2nd run. 4 runs to pick up some time, but I wasn’t able to find any. I ended up 17th, but only .001 from 16th.

Stl Solo PAX: 17th, 1.888s behind

Pax results here.
Class results here.
Class Championship here.
Index Championship here.

Things to work on:

  • Still need to get closer to the cones
  • Take wider approaches to tight corners
  • Unwind sooner/more progressively and get on the gas earlier
  • Reemphasize early turn in – get closer to the cones (mentioned it twice because it’s that important)

Run count: 130


  • That flower crap on my car from the featured picture was difficult to remove. Looks like it may have permanently stained my vinyl stripes…


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