Corolla New Headlight Bulbs


Just a quick before after snap of the crystal vision ultra:

not at the exact same spot but definitely a marginal improvement, which is exactly what I was expecting. A lot of the “bad” reviews about this bulb were from people expecting this to basically be an HID light – but that’s not its purpose at all. I just wanted a slightly whiter, slightly brighter light that made it easier to see at night. I think this bulb accomplished that, and a reasonable and cheap alternative as opposed to HIDs. It’s nowhere near HID level (both my other cars have HIDs) but it is reasonable output for a halogen bulb.


However, after a while I was a little tired of the blue-ish tint. It was definitely brighter, but I wasn’t too crazy about it. Not as significant as I’d hoped. After looking into it, I read that the 9012 bulb, supposedly much brighter than the stock 9006 bulb, could fit into a 9006 with little modification. Again, not as significant of a change as I’d hoped, but it’s a nice solid output. I decided only to do the passenger’s side for now.

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