Tires – Rav4

Commuter – Yokohama Avid Ascend 225/65-17 (Rav4, 1/2016-Current)

Ironically, these were the same make & model of tire that I got rid of on the Fit concerned it may not be good enough for use in snow & daily driving situations. However, after not being that impressed by the replacements we put on the Fit, I was happy to see these on the car.

They were put on the car at 84,500 miles, by the dealer that put the car up for sale, so these are brand new, hoping to get a good 40k out of them. They did great on the highway drive back, and fortunately for me I also go to test them out in the snow the following weekend, where they performed very adequately — as much as I could expect from this car, with AWD working in my favor. I could break the car loose and get it sideways, but I think that had more to do with V6 power and open differentials.

They are decent as far as noise goes and and feels decent as well, providing a good ride, etc. They’ve got good ratings on Tire Rack, so I may go with them again depending on how well they do.