Tires – Fit

Kumho Ecsta PA31 185/55-16 (Fit, 10/2015-1/2016)

Got the Fit new tires for the upcoming winter season — there was a mismatch of tires (Yoko Avid Ascends and Dunlop Sport 7000’s) on the car and I wanted one, new set to last for daily driving and the snow. Due to the relatively odd size of the tires, I didn’t have a ton of options. While this tire doesn’t have the best ratings, it’s still number 3 on the list. The ratings overall though are so-so and I never would have gotten these had there been better options for the money, but given the price I think these will do quite well! Initial impressions are good – the tire is way softer and the ride is a bit more comfortable. Driveability in the rain has been good, and look forward to testing them out in the snow. Biggest concern from the reviews I’ve seen is the tire life – hoping they do pretty good for the Fit though!